We've simplified things around here. It's been quite a long time since I did public-facing work for clients or employers so most of the portfolio pieces are very old. Some of the small, public data-visualization projects from late in my media career can be found on GitHub and Carto but most of the old stuff is simply outdated.

I'm a knowledge management architect and business analyst who came to that world after a long career as a media manager. I still enjoy mixing in a a little technical writing but the consulting focus is wider application of knowledge management. That includes both the legacy-style KM and more modern application of knowledge through expert processing system arrays, machine learning, and artificial neural networks. On the legacy side, we still dive deep into how the business or business unit operates and do everything from codifying that information for operational hardening to redesigning operations for better financial efficiency and growth. On the more modern side, we focus more on data and processes with skilled engineering teams to design and tune machine-based solutions to complex and expensive operational problems.

Outside of regular work, my days on the water and in the backcountry have reduced, but I've become more involved in the sharing of that knowledge. Helping the folks at Fly Field Guides get established was a fun introduction to other sides of knowledge monetization. Because of that experience, I've become more involved in efforts to help small and specialized businesses adapt to new technologies and changing competitive environments.